Belyakov Alexei

Vice-President, Executive Director of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Nuclear and Space Technology
Alexei Belyakov graduated from the Theoretical Physics Department of Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute (2003), and then completed postgraduate studies at the Physics Department of Moscow State University (2006). He is the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences. While pursuing his postgraduate studies, he was in charge of a project at Active Optics producing high-precision optical elements for astronomical observation.
In 2007 Alexei joined Global Ventures, a company specializing in investments in high technologies. In 2009 he became a partner and a head of the Moscow office of the company, and assumed the position of investments director at VTB Capital - I2BF Innovation Partners joint company.
At I2BF Global Ventures Belyakov handled transactions in such industries as energy and resource efficiency, new materials, robotics, aerospace industry. He played his key role in structuring and closing 20 international transactions, which were handled in cooperation with leading venture (KPCB, Firelake Capital, Khosla Ventures) and strategic (BP ventures, Robert Bosch Venture partners, GE Ventures) partners. Two companies were successfully sold, one went IPO.
Since 2014 Alexei is the Vice President, Executive Director of the Space Technology and Telecommunications Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation
He is married, raises two sons and a daughter.