Domaratsky Yaroslav

Technical Director
Yaroslav has been working on designing, developing, introducing and maintaining products and systems in the field of wireless communications, transport telematics and emergency service staff support for over 25 years. At Sreda Yaroslav is currently in charge of creating a Big Data analytics platform, a services and mobile apps subsystem intended for introducing to transport telematics markets, ensuring unmanned vehicle traffic and as part of the Smart (Digital) City concept. In addition, Yaroslav oversees the implementation of other projects for state and commercial customers, is responsible for preparing tender documents, organizes the interaction with universities and scientific research organizations in Russia and overseas.
In 2013-2016, Yaroslav worked as a chief architect at the Chief Technology Office of Motorola Solutions, where he participated in developing technologies and products designed for using by emergency service staff. The developed products and solutions were introduced to a wide range of customers in Russia and overseas, including LTE, P25, Tetra, DMR communication systems.
In 2012-2013, Yaroslav worked as a project office director at the Non-Commercial Partnership for Promoting the Development and Use of Navigation Technologies, where he was responsible for finalizing ERA-GLONASS system requirements and architecture, deploying the system in 21 regions of Russia, tendering to select equipment contractors and established the cooperation with auto makers and automobile equipment producers.
In 2010-2012, Yaroslav worked as a director of Subscriber Equipment Development at Navigation and Information Systems, where he developed requirements for ERA-GLONASS automobile systems, reviewed the concordance of these requirements with automakers, participated in developing projects on 7 standards, ensured the harmonization of the requirements with requirements for the eCall European System.
In 1995-2009, Yaroslav worked in various technical capacities at St. Petersburg Software Development Center of Motorola Inc., at Cisco, Inc. and Information Business Services, which included developing technology roadmaps, implementing key projects and interacting with world’s leading automakers for the team of developers comprising over 100 people.
Yaroslav is the author of 4 patents, 9 international standards and over 35 technical and scientific publications.
In 1999, Yaroslav defended his thesis on ‘Creating an Automated System for the Real-Time Testing of Microprocessor-Based Control System OS’ at St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University “LETI”.
In 1990, Yaroslav finished the Physics and Mathematics School # 30 on Vasilievsky Island, St. Petersburg.


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