Zapolsky Ivan

Deputy CEO
Co-Founder of Rightech. The company emerged in 2016, and its product Rightech IoT Cloud is the first registered in Russia IoT platform. It is a technology platform for launching Delimobil, Carenda, CarSmile, Dascar (Kazakhstan), VoronaCar (Perm).
Over 5 years’ work experience in IoT and transport telematics


Autonet Market Trends. Innovative Projects and Solutions
«Using IoT Technologies in Hybrid Carsharing Models. On the Basis of Real Cases»
  • Overview of the sharing market in Russia
  • Existing transport sharing types. Hybrid models
  • Case architecture for IoT-based transport sharing
  • Commercial advantages of using IoT in such cases
  • Creating a single transport ecosystem of a city
  • Examples of real cases. Economic benefits
  • Development prospects