Mikheeva Tatiana

Head of the Research Sector of Organizational and Methodological Support to Transport Planning
Tatiana Mikheeva works in the Scientific and Research Institute of Motor Transport (NIIAТ), is in charge of projects on transport planning and urban transport grid optimization, as well as engaged in research projects on urban mobility, sharing economy in the field of transport and transport services to the public.


Autonet Market Trends. Innovative Projects and Solutions
«How is the Sharing Economy Changing Urban Mobility Right Now, and Why is it Good?»
The majority of cities are designed not for owners of individual motor vehicles; thereby the further growth of motorization will inevitably lead to a transportation collapse. There is therefore an urgent need to rebuild passenger and motor vehicle behavior patterns to have organically developed cities and for general convenience. The sharing economy can help organize optimum vehicle movement without congestion by lowering general costs of parties.