Khudaverdyan Tigran

Tigran took charge of Russia largest taxi ordering internet service in 2014. Two years later, after the service’s transformation into an independent company, he became its CEO. Under Tigran’s management the multi-level quality control system was launched in Yandex.Taxi, the service started to develop in Russian regions, as well as the own professional software for taxi parks and drivers Yandex.Taximeter was developed. The profit of Yandex.Taxi for 2015 grew in 3 times.
Tigran joined Yandex as a project manager in 2006. He was responsible developing and supporting a unified user authentication in all services of the company.

Also he developed solutions for Yandex services authentication, including the portal’s home page. He has played a key role in developing, launching and promoting several mobile and desktop apps, such as Navigator, Browser and Yandex for Android.


Plenary Session «Developing Satellite Navigation Systems. New Business Models, Navigation and Digital Technologies in the Logistics of People and Things. National Technology Initiative»
«Connected Vehicle and Unmanned Driving Technologies»