Anikin Andrei

1988: Graduated from Irkutsk Higher Military Aviation Engineering School majoring in aircraft avionics.

1997: Finished full-time postgraduate military studies at the Air Force Engineering Academy named after N.Ye. Zhukovsky, the Department of Automated Radio Navigation and Communication Systems.

From 1988 to 2010: Served in the Air Force.

Since 2010: Has been working in the aerospace industry in different executive positions. He is an author of over 120 scientific works.

Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Member of the Academy of Navigation and Traffic Control, Honored Radio Specialist of the Russian Federation. Has over 20 year experience in developing and using GLONASS technologies in the state and civil aviation. Member of the Committee on Aeronavigation and the Committee on Unmanned Aircraft Systems of the Union of Aviation Industrialists of Russia, the RTCA Special Committee 159 (SC-159) on developing standards for global navigation satellite systems.