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Pavilion 8, Gallery
Plenary Session
Pavilion 8, Plenary Hall, 8.3
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Pavilion 2, Hall 5
Plenary Discussion New Business Models and Digital Technologies for the Logistics of People and Things / Autonet 2.0
Pavilion 8, Plenary Hall, 8.3
Pavilion 2, Hall 5
Connected Mobility
Pavilion 8, Plenary Hall, 8.3
  • Infrastructure Projects
    • Platon Toll System
    • ERA-GLONASS Emergency Call Button
    • 112 System
  • Industrial Solutions
    • New Telemedicine Projects. Navigation in Providing the First Aid
    • Ways to Monetize Connected Services. New Business Models
    • New Microelectronics Industry Projects for GNSS
    • Satellite and IoT Solutions for the Retailing Sector
    Invited to participate: Platon, NP GLONASS, Rostelecom, Yandex, Mobile Medical Technologies, LLC, Health Mail.Ru, Ruselectronics, Microsoft, Center 2M, IBM
    Topic to be confirmed
    Volostnov Alexey, Business Development Director in Russia, Frost & Sullivan 
    Digital Platforms and Big Data
    Pavilion 8, Fourchette Hall
  • Big-Data as New Driver of the Industry Development. Completed Projects
  • Concept of Creating on Ecosystem of Intelligent Telematics Systems in Russia
  • Transport Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Public and Private Transport Integration as a Part of Creating a Single Transport Ecosystem

  • Invited to participate: Rostelecom, Yandex, Bosсh, Ericsson, Nokia, Platon, The Uptime Institute, Rightech, Data Storage Center, MTS, VimpelCom, Megafone.
    Autonet 2.0. Projects
    Pavilion 8, Оpen presentation Hall
    Navigation Equipment
    Pavilion 2, Seminar hall 3
  • Integrated Solutions of Different Vehicles with Tachographs
  • Receiving Devices. Compatibility of Receivers After Updating Satellite Software
  • AIS. Navigation in All Weather Conditions
  • DF Systems for Transport Control Services
  • Farming Machinery and Specialty Vehicle Control Systems

  • Invited to participate: Star Line, Scout Group, Space Team Holding, Farvater, Technoton, Radioterminal, AgroKurs Holding, ANT Services, Geomir, 76 Oil Tyumen, Caesar Satellite , Navtelecom, Pandora, Omnicomm
    GLONASS System: Technologies, Application Legislative a Aspects, Practical Application Experience
    Pavilion 2, Seminar hall 4
  • GLONASS System Current Status, Prospects and Development Stages
  • New GLONASS Signal – New Opportunities
  • Ensuring Traceability in Using GLONASS Technologies as a Necessary Condition for Improving the Quality and Safety of Navigation Services
  • Issues of Legal Technical Regulation in the Field of Navigation
  • Perspective CNE
  • The Status and Development Prospects of COSPAS-SARSAT System Russian Segment
  • Navigation and Information Technologies for Ensuring the Transportation Safety and Transparency on International Transport Corridors
  • ERA-GLONASS System Capabilities for Providing Additional Safety Control Services

  • Invited to participate: GLONASS/GNSS-Forum Association, JSC “RSS”, VNIIFTRI, ITT, LLC, GLONASS, JSC.
    Pavilion 2, Hall 5
    Navigation as the Basis for the Mobility of People and Things
    Pavilion 8, Plenary Hall, 8.3
  • Car-as-a-Service in Russia
  • Car-sharing – Factors of its Development in Russia
  • Outdoor Navigation for Everyday Solutions
  • IoT Projects for M2M
  • Perspective Communication Technologies for Road Safety
  • Seamless Navigation: With or without Satellites

  • Invited to participate: Delimobil, Belkacar, Yandex.Taxi, Rightech, Mobileye Vision Technologies, Here, SOVZOND, 2GIS, Yandex, Scanex, Gurtam, Smart Driving Labs, MTS
    «Uberization of trucking: success cases of using online trucking service GroozGo»
    Protected Mobility. Cybersecurity and Blockchain
    Pavilion 8, Fourchette Hall
  • Experience of Russian and Foreign IT Companies in Building Transport Safety Systems
  • Blockchain: New Data Security Standard or Just a Buzzword
  • Connected Car: Pandora's Box or Panacea
  • Ensuring Personal Data Safety in Data-Based Services
  • Safety of Transport Logistics Operations

  • Invited to participate: Sberbank, Kaspersky, Rightech, Yandex, Raxel Telematics, Smart Driving Labs, Caesar Satellite, Pandora, MTS
    Regulatory and Technical Support for Implementation of Projects in the Markets of Autonet
    Pavilion 2, Seminar hall 3
  • New Draft Laws in the Field of Unmanned Transport Regulations
  • ERA-GLONASS Button and Platon as a Mandatory Standard for Motor Transport in Russia
  • New Traffic Safety Strategy of traffic up to 2024
  • Data Security Standards as a Foundation of Trusting Technologies of the Future
  • 16:30-18:00
    Geoinformation Systems and Services. High-Accuracy Satellite Navigation
    Pavilion 2, Seminar hall 4
  • High-Precision/Smart Farming
  • GNSS as the Basis for Geodesy and Mapping Development
  • Land Management and Cadaster
  • GNSS Tools for Engineering and Construction
  • Hardware and Software
  • Applied Scientific Research, Geological Exploration

  • Invited to participate: SOVZOND, AgroKurs Holding, ANT Services, Geomir, Scanex, Credo-Dialog, JSC ISS, GEOTECH, St. Petersburg Geodesy and Cartography Association, Esri CIS, Trimble, Topcon, Gurtam
    The 6th International Conference «Digital and Navigation Technologies for Smart Insurance»
    Pavilion 8, Conference Hall
    Invited to participate: Smart Driving Labs, Raxel Telematics, Caesar Satellite, INTOUCH, Renaissance Insurance, AlfaInsurance, R-telematica, Rostelecom, Yandex, PJSC Megafone, PJSC VimpelCom, Pandora, Absolut Insurance, Rightech, BOSCH, Russian Union of Auto Insurers, OCTO Telematics, Ingosstrakh, MTS, Tinkoff Insurance

    The Modern Insurance Telematics Market in Russia and Abroad
  • Another Year Passed, What Has Changed? Russian Insurance Market News
  • Review of the Insurance Telematics Market: Reality and Forecasts
  • Applying Modern Technologies in Automobile Insurance
  • International and Russian Experience in Successful Insurance Telematics Projects
  • Key Technical Standards in Insurance and Telematics Markets

  • Insurance Telematics Products and Services Available on the Russian Market
  • Europrotocol
  • Traffic Accident Recording and Reconstruction
  • Mile-Based Auto Insurance
  • Pay-as-you-Drive
  • Pay-How-You-Drive
  • Manage-How-You-Drive
  • Value Added Services for Clients

  • Smart Insurance in Russia: What Hinders its Mass Introduction?
  • Legislation and Judicial Practice: Creating a Unified and Complex Approach
  • Improving Customer Trust
  • Enhancing Attractiveness, Diversity and Quality of Service

  • Directions of Smart Insurance’s Further Evolution
  • From Saving Money to Saving Lives
  • Integrating Smart Auto Insurance with Property Insurance on a Common Telematics Platform. Creating a single package of Insurance Services for the Customer
  • How is Transport Introduced into the Modern Ecosystem?
  • New Products for Specific Markets:
    • Car-sharing – New Approaches to Insurance
    • Insurance of Leased Specialty Vehicles
    • Motorcycle and Motorcyclist Insurance
  • New Opportunities of Insurance Telematics with the Use of V2I Technology (Vehicle to Infrastructure)
  • Insurance Telematics and Transport Monitoring Systems: Shared Data, Mutual Interests
  • New Opportunities and Risks in Using Big Data for Smart Insurance
    • New and Perspective Sources of On-line Information
    • Requirements for Smart Insurance Algorithms to Ensure the Interaction with Various Data Sources
    • Risks/Advantage of Automakers in Providing CAN-Tire Data to be Used by Insurance Companies to create More Accurate Scoring Models.

    Insurance Telematics - an Effective Risk Mitigation Tool for Insurers
  • Insurer Risk Mitigation through Vehicle Condition and Driver Health Monitoring
  • Combining Insurance Telematics with Security and Recovery Systems
  • Combating Fraud (Simulating Traffic Accidents or Faking their Circumstances, etc.)
  • Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies
  • Cybersecurity and Personal Data Protection

  • Software and Terminal Equipment for Providing Smart Insurance Services
  • Telematics Platforms
  • Scoring Models
  • Mobile Apps
  • Terminal Equipment

  • Smart insurance in perspective
  • TOP Key Trends of the Insurance Telematics Industry
  • 00:00-00:00
    Topic to be confirmed
    Clelio Ruscitti, Senior Sales Account, OCTO Telematics S.p.A. 
    «On demand telematics»
    Kasatkin Aleksey, Sales & Marketing Director, R-Telematica Start, LLC 