The 6th International Conference «Digital and Navigation Technologies for Smart Insurance»
Pavilion 8, Conference Hall
Invited to participate: Smart Driving Labs, Raxel Telematics, Caesar Satellite, INTOUCH, Renaissance Insurance, AlfaInsurance, R-telematica, Rostelecom, Yandex, PJSC Megafone, PJSC VimpelCom, Pandora, Absolut Insurance, Rightech, BOSCH, Russian Union of Auto Insurers, OCTO Telematics, Ingosstrakh, MTS, Tinkoff Insurance

The Modern Insurance Telematics Market in Russia and Abroad
  • Another Year Passed, What Has Changed? Russian Insurance Market News
  • Review of the Insurance Telematics Market: Reality and Forecasts
  • Applying Modern Technologies in Automobile Insurance
  • International and Russian Experience in Successful Insurance Telematics Projects
  • Key Technical Standards in Insurance and Telematics Markets

  • Insurance Telematics Products and Services Available on the Russian Market
  • Europrotocol
  • Traffic Accident Recording and Reconstruction
  • Mile-Based Auto Insurance
  • Pay-as-you-Drive
  • Pay-How-You-Drive
  • Manage-How-You-Drive
  • Value Added Services for Clients

  • Smart Insurance in Russia: What Hinders its Mass Introduction?
  • Legislation and Judicial Practice: Creating a Unified and Complex Approach
  • Improving Customer Trust
  • Enhancing Attractiveness, Diversity and Quality of Service

  • Directions of Smart Insurance’s Further Evolution
  • From Saving Money to Saving Lives
  • Integrating Smart Auto Insurance with Property Insurance on a Common Telematics Platform. Creating a single package of Insurance Services for the Customer
  • How is Transport Introduced into the Modern Ecosystem?
  • New Products for Specific Markets:
    • Car-sharing – New Approaches to Insurance
    • Insurance of Leased Specialty Vehicles
    • Motorcycle and Motorcyclist Insurance
  • New Opportunities of Insurance Telematics with the Use of V2I Technology (Vehicle to Infrastructure)
  • Insurance Telematics and Transport Monitoring Systems: Shared Data, Mutual Interests
  • New Opportunities and Risks in Using Big Data for Smart Insurance
    • New and Perspective Sources of On-line Information
    • Requirements for Smart Insurance Algorithms to Ensure the Interaction with Various Data Sources
    • Risks/Advantage of Automakers in Providing CAN-Tire Data to be Used by Insurance Companies to create More Accurate Scoring Models.

    Insurance Telematics - an Effective Risk Mitigation Tool for Insurers
  • Insurer Risk Mitigation through Vehicle Condition and Driver Health Monitoring
  • Combining Insurance Telematics with Security and Recovery Systems
  • Combating Fraud (Simulating Traffic Accidents or Faking their Circumstances, etc.)
  • Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies
  • Cybersecurity and Personal Data Protection

  • Software and Terminal Equipment for Providing Smart Insurance Services
  • Telematics Platforms
  • Scoring Models
  • Mobile Apps
  • Terminal Equipment

  • Smart insurance in perspective
  • TOP Key Trends of the Insurance Telematics Industry
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    Clelio Ruscitti, Senior Sales Account, OCTO Telematics S.p.A. 
    «On demand telematics»
    Kasatkin Aleksey, Sales & Marketing Director, R-Telematica Start, LLC 