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Russian technologies for the road digitalization on the basis of GLONASS will be introduced in India

28 февраля 2019

In 2019, a barrier-free charging system based on GLONASS satellite navigation will be introduced on one of the largest highways in India. The corresponding contract was signed between OOO "RT-invest the Transport System" (RTAS), the operator of payment system "Platon", and the National highways Agency of India (NHAI). This was reported in the press service of the operator of the Russian system.

Barrier-free toll collection system will be deployed on highways, "New Delhi- Mumbai" with a length of 1419 km For cars will be installed are specially manufactured by the Russian company for the project vehicle, based on a GLONASS satellite.

The Indian project is a rare case of export of Russian high-tech solutions and Russian software, the expert, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics, candidate of technical Sciences, Andrey Ionin. "Now the main thing in the world is who controls the software, not who produces the equipment. And yet-all are now concerned about ensuring sovereignty over the data that are formed in the transport complex, and guarantee the performance of this SOFTWARE. Today, threats often come not from the military sphere, but from technology. Therefore, it is very important to be sure that your SOFTWARE will work, and no one will disable this system. In this situation, Russia looks like a very good partner. Our solutions are considered very secure. Cybersecurity in Russia is at a high level. And this is an important requirement,"- the expert said.

In addition, Ionin highly appreciated the export potential of Russian transport solutions – emergency response systems in case of accidents and the system of charging for heavy loads. Since they are associated with the digital transformation of the transport and logical complex, which is now going on in all countries. "Russia is a unique country – we have created two systems for vehicles-Plato and ERA-GLONASS. All countries are interested in the issues of transport safety and cargo transportation management. Russia can offer such solutions in a complex," - he said.

Source: Herald GLONASS