The Russian application for calling unmanned taxis will be developed in 2021

20 февраля 2019

The application for calling unmanned taxis with a virtual driver is developed by specialists of the working group of NTI Autonet. Its release is planned in 2021.

Now the project has a preliminary design. It is assumed that the "virtual driver" service will be provided free of charge. And the cost of the trip by unmanned taxi is expected to be lower than the usual, at least 25%.

"During the trip in an unmanned taxi, you do not have to sit and listen to the radio. With the "virtual driver" you can discuss football, politics and even philosophize. He is happy to support any conversation. With each trip, you can immediately return to the previous dialog and if the user authenticates, the "virtual driver" knows hobbies of the passenger,"- said the representative of NTI Autonet.

Source: TASS

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