Rogozin totally to re-do Russian space program

6 марта 2014
The reform of the Russian space industry, which had been talked about a lot, has begun, the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin announced the day before.  According to him, the United Rocket and Space Corporation, which is intended to become the renovation foundation,  is already registered. 

      "The United Rocket and Space Corporation has been registered! We are starting a large-scale reform of the domestic space program," he wrote in his Twitter.   
      In August 2013 for the first time Rogozin sharply criticized the structure and work of the Russian rocket and space industry at the meeting of a commission investigating the failure of a Proton M launch. Rogozin said that it was time to discuss the issue of joining efforts of the space and aircraft industry.

      The industry was decided to be reformed.  The proposed reform includes establishing the United Rocket and Space Corporation on the basis on the Research Institute of Space Instrument-making.

      The main purpose of establishing the United Rocket and Space Corporation is to ensure Russia's long-term competitiveness in delivering space products and serves with meeting goals and solving tasks in space industry activities set by the state. 

 The URSC will include enterprises of the space sector working both for the civil industry and the Ministry of Defense.

      It is planned that all enterprises of the industry will be incorporated  into the corporation, and Roscosmos will keep scientific institutes of the industry and organizations of the ground-based infrastructure. Besides this, Roscosmos was proposed to be kept as the state customer of the rocket and space industry.  In the framework of these changes they assigned  new head of Roscosmos - Vladimir Popovkin was replaced by the former Deputy Minister of Defense Oleg Ostapenko. 

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