Progress Space Rocket Center, JSC

Progress Space Rocket Center, JSC
Progress Space Rocket Center (Samara City) is the leading Russian enterprise and one of the world leaders in developing and operating launch vehicles, space systems of Earth remote sensing and applied unmanned spacecraft.
SRC Progress main areas of activity:
  • Developing, upgrading and operating space rocket systems, their launch vehicles and ground-based facilities for their preparation and launch.
  • Developing and operating space systems of Earth remote sensing.
  • Developing and operating space systems for biomedical and technological research.
  • Services for launching spacecraft.
  • Services for carrying payloads and conducting scientific experiments aboard spacecraft.
  • Producing technical and industrial products and customer goods.
  • Progress Space Rocket Center has extensive experience in implementing various domestic space rocket programs and participating in large international projects. As at 1 May 2021, the SRC “Progress” carrier rockets have launched over 1,935 spacecraft, of which 994 spacecraft are internally developed. The enterprise developed 28 types of spacecraft for scientific, applied purposes and in the interest of national security of Russia.

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