ISS-Reshetnev, JSC

ISS-Reshetnev, JSC
ISS-Reshetnev Company (Information Satellite Systems – Reshetnev, JSC) is a leading Russian provider of satellites for a wide range of applications: communications, television broadcasting, data-relay, navigation and geodesy. The many years’ experience in designing and engineering satellites, state-of-the-art production and test facilities, implementation of cutting‑edge technologies, highly qualified employees – all these enable the company to deliver products that meet world-class quality and reliability requirements.
The company’s work on designing and producing satellites aims at the country’s social and economic development. The enterprise seeks to strengthen leadership positions in domestic and international markets of space engineering and continuously increases the quality, reliability and competitiveness of its products, using innovative engineering solutions.
Over 61 years, the company has built around 1 300 satellites, commissioned into service around 50 space-based systems and complexes. As of today, ISS‑Reshetnev‑made satellites constitute 2/3 of Russia’s orbital fleet. They operate in all types of orbits and provide services to users throughout the planet.

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«Advanced ERS projects from ISS-Reshetnev»
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