Consortium NRNU MEPhI / SPELS «Trusted and specialized electronic systems»

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Consortium NRNU MEPhI / SPELS «Trusted and specialized electronic systems»
The Consortium "Trusted and specialized electronic systems" (hereinafter referred to as the Consortium) was formed based on NRNU MEPhI and ENPO SPELS to perform the goals of the "The Russian Federation Electronics Industry Development Strategy for the period up to 2030".
The main goals of the Consortium are to implement a methodological and technical basis for the innovation projects development and the innovation infrastructure organization, including:
  • the organization of a Competence and Services Center for developers, manufacturers, and consumers of electronics in the field of designing and testing of integrated circuits and semiconductors devices and electronic equipment;
  • the implementation of the basic technology of the design and testing of the integrated circuits and semiconductor devices;
  • training and education activities for students and engineers;
  • development of new unique irradiation facilities and measurement setups for integrated circuits and semiconductor devices parameters automated control during investigation procedure;
  • maintained and improved the accuracy and methodological validity of integrated circuits radiation hardness and security testing procedure;

  • Usachev Nikolay Aleksandrovich
    «Development of a microwave VLSI for trusted applications in the "foundry" mode: current status problems, and development trends»
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