GKU TsODD (State Public Institution “Center of Road Traffic Organization”)

GKU TsODD (State Public Institution “Center of Road Traffic Organization”)
It was established in accordance with Moscow Government Decision #1129 of 7 December 1999 “On Establishing the Center for Road Traffic Organization”, Moscow Government Decision #438-PP of 14 June 2005 “On Measures to Improve the Use and Maintenance of Traffic Engineering Equipment in Moscow City” and Moscow Government Decision #131-PP of 28 February 2006 “On Improving Operating Conditions and Increasing the Operation Reliability of Traffic Lights in Moscow City”, Moscow Government Decision #470-PP of 4 July 2006 “On Ensuring Economic and Productive Activities of the State Institution of Moscow City – Center of Road Traffic Organization of the Moscow Government”.
The institution’s official short name is GKU TsODD.
The institution’s founder is the Department of Transport and Communications of Moscow City.
The institution is under the authority of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development of Moscow City.
The institution is funded entirely from the budget of Moscow City.

Goals of Establishing GKU TsODD
The goals of establishing the institution are to vest it with powers and responsibilities of the Moscow City coordinator and costumer for developing and introducing strategies, development plans of activities in traffic management and safety, scheduling examinations of proposed activities.
GKU TsODD is entitled to conclude contracts for works related to traffic management and safety activities, equipment procurement for their implementation.

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