AVL List GmbH

AVL List GmbH
AVL List GmbH, based in Austria, is the world's largest independent engineering company offering comprehensive development and application of conventional and innovative powertrains, gears, batteries, electromotors and passenger & commercial transport management systems, general-purpose and special-purpose wheeled and tracked machinery, aviation machinery, locomotive, marine and stationary industrial engines. The company also presents a wide range of measuring and testing equipment; develops modern software products to mathematically model engine and vehicle operations.
AVL List GmbH was founded by Professor, Doctor Hans List in 1948 as a research and design bureau focused on diesel and gas engines. Currently, Prof. Helmut List is Chairman and CEO of the company. The company's annual revenues amount to over 1.5 billion Euros. AVL List GmbH headquarters in Graz employ around 2.5 thousand people. The company is represented by 45 branches in 30 countries of the world. The total number of company employees is over 9,500 people.

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