Sreda Solutions

Sreda Solutions
  • Sreda was founded in 2006 and has been successfully developing for over 12 years, having a permanent staff highly-qualified employees specializing in software development, data analytics and graphic design;
  • Since 2006, the company has developed software introduced to over 25 major projects in the USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, Russia and CIS countries;
  • For over 10 years, the company has been the main software development provider for Motorola Center and Motorola Solutions in St. Petersburg;
  • Currently the company develops software for wireless communication systems, public security, automobile and embedded systems, mobile apps;
  • In 2018, our company specialists implemented projects on creating a V2x service platform, embedded software for unmanned transport and UAV, developed software for automobile systems, wireless communication devices, data analytics software;
  • Our team is participating in the work on creating unique technology solutions as part of Autonet NTI;
  • In 2018, Sreda implemented projects for such companies as FSUE NAMI, Non-Commercial Partnership for Promoting the Development and Use of Navigation Technologies, Avtodor, Peiker Holding Gmbh, etc.

  • Domaratsky Yaroslav
    «Services to ensure the motion of unmanned vehicles on motorways»
    MARKET FOR “SPHERE” PROGRAM SPACE INFRASTRUCTURE Autonet NTI Markets: Prospects of Smart Urban Mobility Development, ITS 2.0