State Space Corporation ROSСOSMOS

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State Space Corporation ROSСOSMOS
ROSCOSMOS is a State Corporation, established in August 2015 for a comprehensive reform of the Russian space industry.
State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS provides the State Space policy implementation and its legal regulation. ROSCOSMOS is making orders to develop, manufacture and supply of space equipment and space infrastructure objects.
The state corporation is also responsible for the international cooperation development in the space area and the creation of conditions to use the results of space activities in the social and economic development of Russia.

Urlichich Yuriy
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Plenary Session Breakthrough Development of Space Services, Technologies, Systems. “Sphere” Program. New Services for the Digital Economy of Russia and the World Market

Volf Oksana
«There is only a MIC* between past and future…»
“SPHERE” CONGRESS SECTION Entrepreneurship in Space. Trends and Future Industries: Services, Subscriber Equipment, Orbital Constellations