NTLab-SK, LLC is a vertically integrated center of electronic radio equipment design and production, a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center.
The company carries out a full design cycle of navigation equipment: from the development of algorithms and microelectronic component libraries to electronic modules and ready-to-use equipment, including the development of embedded firmware. The company offers:
  • high-precision multi-system multi-band satellite receivers with RTK GNSS/INS and DGPS support, including satellite goniometer devices;
  • anti-jamming receivers with digital adaptive antenna arrays;
  • integrated inertial-satellite navigation and orientation systems of different accuracy classes on the basis of MEMS sensors and FOG;
  • avionics for UAVs: flight navigation systems, video processing and registration modules.

  • Zinoviev Alexei
    «PPP Positioning Mode in NTLab GNSS Receivers»
    “SPHERE” CONGRESS SECTION Synergy: Using GLONASS as the Global Industry Technology for Creating Integrated Products and Services